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Tito Calvo Muller, or simply Tito as his friends, colleagues and fans call him is a gargantuan figure in

Guatemala’s Music Scene.

The pinnacle of millennial entrepreneurship,Tito started his foray into underground Dance Music culture as self-taught DJ and promoter, alongside a few friends, a small controller and a big dream. Through providence, hard work and dedication, he not only helped helm the still very successful Luxury Grooves crew, but went the extra mile and transformed what was once his childhood home into what is currently the longest-running dance music club in Guatemala. Easily one of the best in the region, The Secret Garden is a flagship and beacon of hope for flourishing underground music scenes across Latin America, and it shows no signs of stopping. Not content with simply running the club, Tito decided to put his passion for funky-eccentric, percussion-driven tech-house and techno to good use by becoming his own first resident. Alongside his brothers-in- arms as resident/promoter/DJ’s, Tito has become an unmistakable reference as a versatile opener, closer and occasional headliner.

Having played alongside what would seem like an unfathomable amount of DJ’s and Producers most would only dream of sharing decks with, pinpointing his style is as impossible as shaking one’s head and tapping one’s feet as soon as he steps on to the decks. Its worthwhile name a few of his direct influences, whom he learned from by opening or closing for (thought it would take whole manuscripts to describe them all): Robert Babicz, Anja Schneider, Andhim, Davide Squillace, John Acquaviva, Shaun Reeves, Ryan Crosson, Ron Costa, Miguel Bastida, Francisco Allendes, Stacey Pullen, Waff, Claptone and Patrick Topping, Hot Since 82.

Tito’s sound also comes from his favorite labels. Having gotten his start in the Deep House of the early 2010’s, his sound has evolved to include everything from acid basslines, funk-inspired hi-hats and and unmistakable latin/multicultural flavor. Nowadays some of his strongest label influences are Knee Deep In Sound, Desolat, Kompakt and Mobilee. With such a vast array of influence and experience, Tito serves as an inspiration both on and off of the dancefloor. It takes one mere seconds of hearing him play to see why he’s become such a local favorite and regional reference since his humble beginnings.