What is the minimum age to enter The Secret Garden?

To enter the venue you must be 19 and over. It’s absolutely crucial you bring your ID with you. No ID, no entry.

We only accept a valid passport, foreign national ID cards, driving license or home office approved PASS hologram as identification and/or proof of age. Your ID will be scanned onto our ID scanning system as a condition of entry.

What is The Secret Garden search policy?

Part of the condition of entry is that you agree to a search on arrival and leaving the venue. It’s part of our licence’s conditions so if you refuse to be searched you will not be allowed to enter the club and if you refuse the exit search we will have to detain you and the police will be called.

Everyone and every bag will be fully searched and pass through our metal detectors.

We may ask you to come for a further search whilst inside the venue, either in response to something that has happened inside the venue or as part of our licensing obligation to randomly search people inside the smoking area. If you refuse one of these searches we have to detain you and the Police will be called.

fabric operates a zero tolerance drugs policy. Anyone found with illegal drugs will be banned from the venue and reported to the police. There will be additional measures on top of our search procedures that may be enacted when you visit fabric, this may include drug detection methods. For your protection and for the protection of our staff, all searches are conducted under full HD CCTV with voice recording.

What is The Secret Garden drug policy?

The Secret Gardenoperates a zero tolerance policy to drugs. Anyone found with illegal drugs will be banned from the venue and reported to the police. Furthermore, anyone found to be asking for drugs or offering drugs will also be banned for life.

We will have drug disposal bins in the queues so you can deposit any drugs you may have with you.

I can't find the email with my ticket. What should I do?

Please contact Resident Advisor directly on the following link.

A member of their support staff will get back to you.

What do I do when advanced tickets are sold out?

We sell 50% of our tickets in advance. In the event of our advanced tickets being sold out, plenty of tickets will be available from 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays. This excludes the Reopening Weekend, fabric birthday and New Years’ Eve. We strongly advise to arrive early to avoid long queues and waiting times.

We do not allow re-entry ? you cannot buy your tickets at the start of the night then come back later. To beat the queues, you can join The Secret Garden.

Where can I buy tickets from?

On our listings page, right here.

I have an advance ticket, when should I arrive?

Advance tickets: These are valid all night and give priority entry until 1am. If you arrive after 1am you will be asked to queue with non-ticket holders.

Entry before midnight tickets: Give a price discount for arriving before midnight. If you arrive after midnight you will be asked to pay the price difference for top tier advance tickets. If you arrive after 1am you will be asked to queue with non-ticket holders.

What should I do if I feel unwell while visiting The Secret Garden?

Let a member of staff know immediately, they will not judge you and are all trained to offer advice and if necessary will refer you to our medic team. You will not face a ban if you report to us as unwell, your health and safety is paramount.

Is there a dress code?

We operate a casual dress code so jeans, trainers and caps are allowed. If you’d like to check if a particular item of clothing is permitted ? please call the office between 10am-7pm. And yes, you can wear shorts in the club. We do not allow fancy dress, business suits, team colours or any day glow wear.

What time do you open?

We open at 11pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. To avoid the queues you can purchase advance tickets from our website.

Alternatively you can buy The Secret Garden membership to gain priority entry to our weekend events – go here to sign up.

Is there a paying guest list?

We don’t offer a paying guest list. We reserve a small guest list for guests of DJs, staff members, press and other companies affiliated with fabric. For priority entry into the club before 1am on Fridays and Saturdays, please purchase your tickets in advance via the website.

So what's The Secret Garden music policy?

The Secret Garden Live happens on two Fridays each month and caters to drum & bass, dubstep, grime and other bass heavy sounds.

Forms takes place on the alternate two Fridays to FABRICLIVE, and mainly features a bold set of house, techno and disco sounds.

fabric at fabric happens every Saturday and consists of a mix of house, techno, tech house and electronica.

WetYourSelf! happens on Sundays and consists of a mix of house, techno, tech house and electronica.

For more information on any of our nights you can call the office between 10am-7pm or take a look at the listings page.